Conservation Work

M. Freund Photography’s mission is to engage in conservation efforts that inspire people in a positive manner. Protecting the environment is a worthy challenge that does not need to be presented with a general sense of doom and gloom. Each of us can learn about and engage with environmental issues that impact our daily lives and make small but deliberate changes to help protect the places we call home.

M. Freund photography sees the challenges associated with conservation as an opportunity to use the power of storytelling to engage audiences of all ages in a positive and educational manner. Knowledge can turn into action. Our goal is to create stories that will generate behaviors and actions essential for preserving our wild tomorrow.

Stories are the best vehicles to help us understand the world and our place in it. Stories broaden our world view, inspire us to see and become better versions of ourselves, and free us from the constraints of our everyday realities. The stories told by M. Freund photography not only increase our appreciation for the natural world but also inspire audiences to truly see the beauty and opportunities that surround them.

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